Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There's have been some changes in plans for this and next year but it's all gonna be awesome anyway

Some changes in life and such but for the end of the year there shall be lots of cool stuff released and many cool gigs played

Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän didn't send any songs for the Ramoviisut competition for this year but maybe next year, you never know ;-) At least Krisse now has lots of killer songs to send for the competition 8-)

In 9th of Septermber shall be Krisse Chrissie Hearts' cd & casette releasing party in Erilaisen Taiteen ja Viihteen Festivaali @ Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere. Other bands and artist in that event shall be Sepi Kumpulainen, Ville Leinonen, The Saturnettes (Jann Wilde's band) and Guggenheim-projektz. Krisse's albums that are released in that event, are called Lihan läpi laulettu kauhu (=Horror sang through the flesh) cd and Rakkaudesta lepään (=resting from Love) casette. Afterthe record releasing festival gig Krisse shall tour around the Finland promoting the album. There is going to be some gigs with Frans Höyer which is awesome art music band from Joensuu.

In end of the summer / start of the fall Ei tämä tähän team shall release a long waited Punk & Noise & such 2009-2013 compilation casette which include some material from Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän. Roska-kasettijulkaisut aka Rubbish Casette Products is going to release casette album including just and only Krisse Chrissie Heart's music. And obviously, for those casette releases shall be casette release partiesi including the rock star of the night ;-)

This fall / early winter 2013 Krisse shall arrange, after a while, some Punk & Roll Party nights and start some regular club nights in several venues in Tampere, Helsinki, Turku and Joensuu.

Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän is filming zombie comedy horror movie trilogy during this year. Actually the first part is filmed and on cutting board. Those films shall be shown in several club nights in passing three years. And the filming team is also dreaming about dvd release. You'll never know what is going to happen when Krisse starts doing something 8-)

I'll adding gigs to gig page (actually, jus added some gigs) and I'll post about how things are going... so, come here againg, and you'll now what's happening in realm of Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän :-9

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