Monday, February 25, 2013

Year 2013 shall be superb for Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän

Year 2013 shall be even more grandioso for KCHS<3 than the year 2012 was

On spring Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän shall compete on Ramoviisut competion. On fall Krisse shall publish Lihan läpi laulettu kauhu (it's finnish and it can be translated in english as The horror sung trought the flesh) cd and Rakkaudesta lepään (roughly trasnlated as Resting from the love) casette. Both the cd and the casette shall be released on 6th of September in Erilaisen taiteen ja viihteen festivaali in Vastavirta-klubi in Tampere. On the same festival shall be performing also Ville Leinonen, Sepi Kumpulainen, Jann Wilde and Guggenheim-projektz. After the releasing party and the festival celebration, Krisse shall tour in Turku.  If everything goes as planned, Krisse shall tour all around the Finland in December... Between this everything,m Krisse has been and shall be making zombie short movies, writing poems and magazine texts and lots of other cool stuff... So it's going to be cuite hectic year for Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän!!!!!!!!!!!

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