Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Vihalauluja (=Hatesongs) album has been released!

JEEHAA, it's out!!!!

Vihalauluja cd was released in Puntala Rock (27.-28.7. in Lempäälä) where Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän was selling the cd and other marvelous things in Puntala Rock's distro tent. People came to talk with Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän, to buy the album and merchandise, and to ask an autograph from KCHS.

Album releasing party gig was held 03.08. in Varjobaari (@ Hervanta, Tampere, Suomi - Finland). Supporting acts were Guggenheim Projektz and Vinokäyrä. Some hardcore KCHS fans even came from all the way from Seinäjoki. Kchs had special guest Anniina Ala-Soini for backing vocals for some songs. Host of the evening (Kari J.E. Koskimies) came all the way from Teisko and he really hosted the evening well. People really digged the whole evening and many people really enjoyed the KCHS gig.

The nice picture of punk trio is taken by Krisse Chrissie Heart Sydän and the trio obviously (?) is Vinokäyrä. Unfortunately Kchs don't have any picture of Guggenheim Projektz on that gig :(

Thanx 4 every1 who were on the releasing party gig.

You can buy Vihalauluja cd straight from the artist ( and eg. from these shops/distros etc:

Aikakone antikva (Tampere)

Ei tämä tähän jää teamin distro

Levykauppa Äx (Tampere shop and via web shop)

Music-Divari Greenriver (Pori)

Nitroboy Shop (Tampere)

Swamp Music (Tampere)

Tmi Anna Lyra


And off you go shopping ;-)

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